You know Ginger as Daniel Mulligan's best friend from In the Middle of Somewhere.

Not only has Ginger lost her bestie to the wilds of Michigan, but a lot is going down in her life. She has a tattoo shop to run, an art show to prepare for, and ... oh yeah, a man she kind of can't seem to stay away from.

Christopher owns a café near her tattoo shop, and Ginger tells herself she's just going back for the caffeine and the everything bagels. After all, her life's complicated and she's not exactly looking for love. But little by little, coffee runs turn into long talks, and long talks turn into ... well, something more.

Ginger + Christopher's story will feature characters from In the Middle of Somewhere (Daniel, of course!) but will be the first book in a spinoff series about the people work in Ginger's tattoo shop in Philadelphia. 

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